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The Eridge Trust is a charitable trust whose purpose is to encourage young people to enjoy and appreciate visual art, especially painting.


For the last 23 years the Trust has invited schools and colleges to apply for grants for trips to museums and galleries at home and abroad.  Hundreds of grants have been made in support of many different kinds of trips.  In addition, the Trust has made grants to museums and galleries for projects aimed at young people.  


However, recently the number of applications received each year has increased to the point that it has become impossible to consider each application as thoroughly and carefully as Trustees wish.  Moreover, with the increase in the number of applications, we have only been able to give grants to a small proportion of applicants and have had to disappoint many who have taken time and trouble to apply and who in the past would probably have been successful.


Therefore, the Trust has decided that, with effect from September 2016, it will no longer be issuing a general invitation to schools, colleges, museums and others to apply for grants.  Our purpose remains the same.  But, instead of asking for and responding to applications, we will ourselves be taking a number of initiatives to encourage young people to enrich their lives by enjoying and appreciating visual art.