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The Eridge Trust is a charitable trust whose purpose is to encourage young people to enjoy and appreciate visual art, especially painting.


The Trust makes grants to schools, colleges and other bodies for trips to museums, galleries and centres of art at home and abroad. Grants are also made to UK museums and galleries for projects aimed at young people.


The Trust hopes that its grants will help to give students, from primary school to college and university, new and exciting encounters with art, and awaken them to the lasting pleasures to be had from pictures and sculpture.


We have supported many different kinds of trips, mainly organised by individual schools, but also by groups of schools, education authorities and other bodies. They have included day trips to local galleries, trips of a few days to major UK cities and trips of up to a week or more to European cities and regions. In addition, we have given grants to museums to support school visits and to encourage university students to enjoy and make use of their local museum or gallery.


Our overriding aim is to stimulate young people's enjoyment of art and kindle enthusiasms which we hope will enrich the rest of their lives.